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1:9 Norton Commando PR 750cc
Italeri 510104640 - 1:9 Norton Commando PR 750cc Art-Nr.: 147-510104640 Hersteller Art-Nr.: 510104640
Length of the model 246 mm UPGRADED MOULDS In 1967, in order to relaunch the sales on a rapidly changed two wheelers market, the Norton Motorcycle Company introduced its new motorcycle : the Norton Commando. The Commando adopted a...
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1:9 NSU HK 101 "Kettenkrad"
Italeri 510007404 - 1:9 NSU HK 101 "Kettenkrad" Art-Nr.: 147-510007404 Hersteller Art-Nr.: 510007404
At the beginning, Sd.Kfz 2 ?Kettenkrad? was developed as light means of transport for airborne troops. It was a small vehicle with the front similar to a motorcycle, characterized by its handlebars and its central wheel and by a rear...
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1:9 BMW R75 German Milit.Motor.w/Sidecar
Italeri 510007403 - 1:9 BMW R75 German Milit.Motor.w/Sidecar Art-Nr.: 147-510007403 Hersteller Art-Nr.: 510007403
Produced in 16,500 units, the BMW R75, together with the Zundapp KS 750, formed the nucleus of the motorized units on all theatres of operations, especially in Africa and in Russia. The motorcycle was armed with an MG34 mounted on the...
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